"OCD"-- slam poetry and mental health awareness |…: http://youtu.be/ZIKzBjbOK9MI watched this video today after searching for this guy, after coming across the poem that he mentions in the talk ( http://youtu.be/aBFcpr2BArM ).

One thing of what he said that stood out for me was how one in two people have a mental illness. In my mind I kind of assumed it was much more. Sometimes I wonder if anyone _hasn't_ experienced at least being depressed or having suicidal thoughts.

I guess part of the reason for this must be my exposure, since the first forum I joined when I first got into the internet in 2010 was a mental health site, where of course, majority, if not all of the people there suffered from some form of mental illness.

In real life, no one really talks about it though. It's one of my fears that someone I know has been hiding something big like this. And if they told me, I don't think I'd know how to really deal with it or support them effectively.

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